About us ?

World wide web continues to shake our way of life, distances are now reduced or nonexistent,

You no longer need to go out for shopping and have it delivered directly to your home.

Our expertise.

Aware that internet research can be tricky, difficult or even constraining, we focus on our 8 years of experience as a buyer on behalf of large groups, to satisfy you at best

We select and offer each week on our website the best products from our partners wholesalers and manufacturers, in Europe, Asia, North America etc.

We reserve you the scoop by offering you products that sometimes are not yet on sale in your own country.

We are committed to making you benefit from very competitive prices and very advantageous up to 50% off compared to the prices charged on most of the online sales platform.

Our experience in the field of sourcing allows us to eliminate intermediaries in the value chain.

We guarantee you a withdrawal period of 15 days during your purchases.

Scope of the guarantee

All products offered on our site benefit from the guarantee of return and refund, if the articles which you received are not as described

Guaranteed period of protection

Any request for refund must be submitted within 15 days of the completion of your order.

 CMBNE Group

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Enregistrement d'entreprise : CMBNE inernational Office
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Mick Feldon Ceo
VAT Number : GB EE1 2654 77

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